Sunday, August 09, 2009

All Things Fun! Podcast - Live at the Franklin Institute

The All Things Fun! Podcast is back: "Season 2: Episode #3 LIVE at The Franklin Institute!”

Join Ed Evans, Wes Hitchins Jess Williams and the rest of the All Things Fun! Podcast gang as they broadcast LIVE from the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA.

Ed and Wes talk a bit about the Franklin Institute, talk to excited patrons, preview the new game Arcane Legions from Wells Expeditions and review the game Space Alert from Rio Grande Games. Special thanks to the Franklin Institute for hosting the podcast and to our new producer, Jess Williams.

We'll be back next month with our regular show, including the return of comic news with Glenn Walker and Allison Eckel.

All Things Fun! Podcast logo by Rob Kelly.

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Show Map:

0:00 Intro
4:49 Why the Franklin?
14:52 Folks at the Franklin (Part 1, Rick from Boston)
15:51 Interview with Troy Collins, Senior VP, The Franklin Institute
22:59 Folks at the Franklin (Part 2, Rob and Beryl
26:59 Game Preview, Arcane Legions, Wells Expeditions
36:46 Folks at the Franklin (Part 3, Zack and Rob from Pennsauken NJ)
38:06 Folks at the Franklin (Part 4, Jennifer and Fred from Philadelphia)
39:20 Game Review, Space Alert, Rio Grande Games
47:24 Thanks!
49:16 End Credits
50:43 End

Check it out here!

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