Sunday, March 05, 2006

Academy Awards 2006

I heard a political pundit (read as idiot) say that if Brokeback Mountain won it would be a validation of gay marriage, and if it lost it would mean that we are a nation of gay bashers. Do folks really take this stuff that seriously? The Academy certainly isn't, as evidenced by another bad comedian as host. What wrong with having a film expert as a host? How about Robert Osbourne? I guess America can relate better with clowns when it comes to the serious film industry.

Enough ranting. My picks:

Should win - Philip Seymour Hoffman of Capote. They owe him.
Will win - Heath of Brokeback

Should win - Judi Dench, but been there done that
Will win - Felicity Huffman of Transamerica. Politically correct, but still good performance.

Should win - Howl's Moving Castle
Will win - Tim Burton, he's Hollywood's sweetheart.

Should win - Clooney
Will win - Ang Lee for the PC folks or Spielberg for the sympathy vote

Should win - Capote or Good Night
Will win - Brokeback

My major question - where was King Kong?

And will the greatest Japanese film composer of all time (Akira Ifukube) even get a nod this year?