Monday, August 16, 2010

True Blood: Night on the Sun

The episode begins with the touching parting of Sookie and Bill in one of the most twisted and bizarre mutual "it's not you, it's me" break-up exchanges ever. But of course we know, per Alan Ball, that they'll be back together again, for good.

Supervising producer and writer of this episode, Raelle Tucker, finally gives us what is really going on with Arlene being pregnant. Nice. I guess the show is tired of rifting off "Dark Shadows" and decided to do a little "Dexter" as well.

Eric's subtle game with Russell escalates and gets juicy. The pissing contest is great, but I'm happy to see some action finally happening. I loved the line about Eric waiting a thousand years for Russell. Talbot continues, although not for long, to amuse.

My favorite bit in the whole episode was when Jason thinks "Shut up, brain" to keep Sookie from reading his thoughts. I also liked Bill and Jessica's workout at vamp speed. I'm glad fate brought Lafayette and Jesus back together. And catfights are always more welcome than dogfights. And what's up with all the crying in this episode? Looking forward to the next one.

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