Monday, March 21, 2016

DC's Legends of Tomorrow S01 E06: Star City 2046

I reviewed the two-part pilot for "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" over at Biff Bam Pop! right here. There was a lot to like, so many heroes, time travel, it was a bit like being a fanboy let loose in a comic shop. Two problems persisted, and continue to persist as the show keeps going. It's predictable, and has far too many characters, forcing the stories to split teams and only concentrate on a few at a time.

However, it has its good points as well. Victor Garber as Professor Stein, and especially Wentworth Miller III as Captain Cold are gold, and the latter is perfect in the role and damned fun to watch. Miller alone as Cold makes the show worth watching. So when a Green Arrow-centric episode came along, seeing as I review "Arrow," I figured I'd write about it.

The concept is time traveler from the future Rip Hunter recruited Hawkgirl, the Atom, White Canary, Firestorm, Captain Cold, and Heat Wave to save the future by fighting Vandal Savage in the past. In mid-mission they crashland in Star City in the year 2046 and need parts for repairs. Star City is under siege however by Grant Wilson, the son of Deathstroke, and his army. The city's only defense is a new Green Arrow named Connor Hawke.

And this is why time travel, mixed with arbitrary TV changes, makes my head hurt. In the comics, Deathstroke did have a son by that name who died on his first mission at the hands of the New Teen Titans. Connor Hawke, in the comics at least, is in fact Oliver Queen's son, by Shado, who's dead on the television series.

Soon it's revealed that Connor Hawke is only the name that John Diggle Jr. took when he became the Green Arrow. Oliver Queen lost an arm when the new Deathstroke took over and quit. Stephen Amell makes a couple cameos as the three decades older Queen. His return is triumphant, and predictable.

As always, and it's a good thing, Cold steals the show clashing with his partner Heat Wave. In this future Star City, the hot tempered criminal could have been a king, but Cold is too invested in stopping Vandal Savage. This is a turning point in the characters and the partnership that will change this dynamic forever. Notably in the comics, Captain Cold and Heat Wave are enemies and grudging colleagues.

Another tidbit from the comics is that this isn't the first time Oliver Queen has lost an arm in the future. He's also in this state in the future of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. See you back in 2016, on "Arrow."

For my other reviews of the entire "Arrow" series, click here. And if you'd like to discuss this episode and anything else in the Arrowverse, please join the Arrow Discussion Group on Facebook.

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