Thursday, March 17, 2016

Arrow S04 E14: Code of Silence

Just when you thought you'd seen it all when it comes to political debates, "Arrow" gives the concept a bit more bang for its buck. Preceding the big mayoral debate between Oliver Queen and Ruve Adams (the wife of Damien Darhk), Team Arrow and H.I.V.E. have a throwdown. Way to keep things friendly.

H.I.V.E. leadership is beginning to get a face, or faces, now. It seems that both Malcolm Merlin and Milo Armitage, from waaay back in "Tremors," are part of it now. There's some great team action with Team Arrow, brief as it is. It looks like Spartan has had a helmet upgrade, perhaps saving the T for Mr. Terrific when he finally shows up.

The soap is wide and deep this episode, what with the wedding planning, Oliver's illegitimate son, and Quentin breaking up with Donna in order to keep her safe. Wouldn't it be wiser to keep her closer to protect her? Sometimes the cliches fly as hard as the soap in the show.

Speaking of cliches, the villains of the week are the Demolition Team, some lame baddies who fought Green Lantern back in the 1980s. Basically mercenaries with demolition tools, these Wrecking Crew wannabes basically cause collateral damage, more pests than villains. They get a slight realistic, and ridiculous, upgrade here on "Arrow" working for H.I.V.E.

And then there's Curtis curing Felicity's spinal injury. Things like this are always dicey in superhero universes. One wonders if there are metahumans, alien civilizations, and satellite headquarters - why can't they cure cancer? Here's why. Will everyone get the benefit of this cure, or just Felicity? Still it was nice to at least hear Curtis called terrific.

Next: Vixen!

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