Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Facebook Friends

First things first, if someone with my name and the image to the left as their profile picture contacts you on Facebook - it's not me. NOT ME.

Recently I was scammed by someone via Facebook, a brilliant moron, an idiot genius really. He or she tried to create a fake Facebook account using my Gmail account. They used that image, a jellyfish on a blue background, similar to my blue blur branding, as the profile pic. The problem - for them - was that verification and registration for the profile has to be done via my email. And that's not going to happen. It's MY email account.

So I was aware of these shenanigans almost immediately. All the messages to finish registration, add my friends, etc. - all this crap came to my Gmail account. I knew the scammer had been effectively stopped from continuing, but the messages got annoying. Curious what Facebook did about such things, rather than verify and delete the fake account myself, I reported it to Facebook from my real account.

Interestingly, I was treated with suspicion and doubt. Why was I reporting someone and making accusations? I was asked several times to explain why this other account was false. While nothing came from Facebook on my Gmail account except requests to register and friend suggestions. NOTHING WAS DONE.

I'll be going the more direct route to delete the fake account after I post this, but let this serve as a warning, if someone does create a false account of you, Facebook will not help you. Stupid Facebook...


  1. that is horrible, Glenn

  2. So sorry this happened to you, Glenn.