Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Arrow S04 E10: Blood Debts

As we open, we're back at the grave, with Oliver vowing vengeance. Despite the caption "Four months from now," we've still come full circle, especially with Felicity looking fairly dead at the end of last episode. If it wasn't for previews, I might really be worried about our nerd angel. And on the lighter side, did anyone else notice Barry Allen wearing track shoes with his suit?

I've been away for a while, as some of you know, due to some medical difficulties, and "Arrow" was on hiatus as well. I needed that break. The never-ending battle against Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E. (hell, it even continues in both parts of the "Legends of Tomorrow" pilot) was getting very old very quickly this season and seeming to go nowhere. And the who's-in-the-grave game got stale early as well. I think we all needed a break.

Not dead, or not dead yet (just play along), Felicity is going through multiple surgeries to repair nerve damage, while the Green Arrow rampaged through H.I.V.E., as Darhk is in hiding. I have to hand it to Emily Bett Rickards, or the make up folks. She looks very sick in the hospital scenes, but then again, this is also the nerd girl who can also look runway model stunning when she wants to also.

As Green Arrow closes in on Darhk, there's a problem. Anarky is back, he's hunting Darhk too, and is a step ahead of our hero. Anarky is taken down early and easily, and although I was happy John Diggle put him down, I was kinda bored. Team Arrow take turns interrogating Anarky and Andy Dick, sorry, Freudian slip, Andy Diggle for information on Darhk while Felicity is in surgery. Maybe I'm just overdosed on bad "Arrow" this season, but I'm bored.

That said, I did like Green Arrow using that old ploy from kaiju eiga, that of setting monsters against each other, so you only have to deal with one once the smoke clears. Letting Anarky lead Team Arrow to Darhk was risky but it worked. Unsatisfyingly, Green Arrow fought Darhk and Speedy fought Anarky, yet both villains went free at the end. Enough foreplay, get it over with!

Meanwhile on Flashback Island, which is where the writers go when they're stuck or have nothing to do in the present, Oliver has been found out. His punishment is a flogging until Baron Blitzkrieg/Reiter sees the symbols that John Constantine placed on his abdomen. I wonder how long we will have to wait to see what that means.

As we close, Felicity can't walk, and is shown in the future graveside, eliminating her as a victim. It makes me wonder, what with Roy Harper coming back from doing Candy Crush commercials, could it be Thea in the ground? Whoever it is, I wish the show would get better... it's been in a downward spiral for a while now...

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