Sunday, October 23, 2011


Bridesmaids ~ This is so not my kind of movie, and really the first half-hour of it bore that out. I had been told this was a female version of the Hangover movies. I was told it was vulgar and hilarious. I was told it was a chick flick. And I was told that Melissa McCarthy of TV's "Mike and Molly" was hysterically funny in it. Maybe only one and half of these things ended up being true.

I despise Kristen Wiig. I count her as one of the most unfunny folks in recent memory on "Saturday Night Live." Had I known she was the star of this flick, I would have clicked delete in the Netflix queue on this baby. Watching Bridesmaids, I have to say I didn't think I could dislike Kristen Wiig more, but I would be wrong. Actually I think I might have enjoyed this a lot more if someone like, say, Laura Linney had been the lead.

The real surprise of Bridesmaids is Chris O'Dowd from "The IT Crowd," here playing a semi-serious role as Wiig's wannabe relationship. He's quite good in a role so different from the one we're used to. Franklin Ajaye and Jill Clayburgh, in her last screen appearance are good too. Also look for an uncredited Jon Hamm, and Wilson Phillips as themselves. And yes, Melissa McCarthy is definitely the reason to see this flick.

As I mentioned it started slow, painfully slow, but once we had the gross out scenes in the Brazilian restaurant and the bridal shop, and Wiig and O'Dowd got together, it wasn't bad. It wasn't much like I had been told it was, but it wasn't bad. Definitely worth a rental or pay per view.

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