Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Wings Press Conference

I've been a Philadelphia Wings Lacrosse season ticket holder for over two decades. So from their championship years to the present day when they just can't seem to win a game at all - I've been there. And despite the fact that a person off the street can get a ticket in our area for less than we've paid in advance, and that that ticket price is still dwarfed by the cost of parking - I'm still there. I'm not as excited, but I'm still there.

Over the years, I guess to make up for the above, the Wings organization has offered certain premiums. Sometimes it's a towel, or a welcome mat, sometimes a pre-season party like this. There are also the Red Status bonuses, which usually allows ticket holders onto the field when the team is introduced. That's fun a couple times, but once you've done it, you've done it, ya know?

One of the alternatives to going down on the field this year was attending a press conference after a game. Both The Bride and I have semi-journalistic backgrounds so we thought it would be a cool idea. They lost, again, I think it might have been more exciting if they won... as it was the Rochester Knighthawks crushed the Wings 11-7.

The press conference was small and quick, as might be imagined. There were nine people in attendance other than myself and The Bride. They gave out a fact sheet listing penalties and scores, just in case folks weren't watching I suppose.

The head coach came out, stood at the podium, made a brief statement. No apologies, no excuses. He did have a little bit of an attitude, but I guess after so many losses I might have had one as well. Captain Kevin Crowley then came out, obviously just out of the locker room, and spoke briefly. Again, quick and painless.

And that was it. Just as quickly as it began, it was over, and those who showed up scampered away as if they had never been there. They really couldn't wait to pull the Wings logo off that podium. I guess a more winning team was going to have a press conference next.

All in all, I think it was worth attending. It was amazing to imagine what such a meeting might have been like during a championship season. And it was also heartbreaking to think that the days of lacrosse in Philly might be at an end. There are far too many empty seats any more, in the press hallway, and in Wells Fargo Center. Go Wings!


  1. Were you able to shoot out some question? I bet you had plenty to ask?

  2. If I had, it would have had to have been approved beforehand, and if you know anything about my journalistic past, you can be sure any question from me would have been considered 'inappropriate.' ;-)