Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Alphabetical List of Would-Be Princes

The Alphabetical List of Would-Be Princes, by Fredric Joss Shelley

"Even when you follow the rules you've set on yourself, you have no idea who you will eventually fall for or why those rules no longer apply."

Jack Bradley has lived a life of order - from neatly arranged sock drawers to alphabetically-memorized shopping lists. Even his chance encounters with "would-be princes" happen to be occurring in alphabetical order. First Aaron, then Ben, and so on...

This is the story of one bachelor with twenty-six possibilities, from A to Z.

The Alphabetical List of Would-Be Princes is a heartwarming novel about wanting to hold on and learning to let go; looking for love and allowing love to find you; and figuring out the rules and knowing when to break them. With the help of enduring friendships and a few random guiding voices, Jack learns to navigate his way through the alphabetical list in the hopes of finding his prince and a happily-ever-after to call his own. This inventive, inspiring tale will take you on an unforgettable journey full of amorous pursuits, zinger-spouting friends, and all the letters in between.

The Alphabetical List of Would-Be Princes

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