Monday, May 10, 2010

Frank Frazetta 1928-2010

Comic book legend Frank Frazetta passed away today.

If his life and contributions to art were simply about his work in the Golden, Silver and Modern Ages of comics, it would be a tremendous loss, but Frazetta's reach goes far beyond comics.

Possibly one of the greatest painters and artists of the pop culture age, he's done movie posters, book covers, album covers and comics.

If you grew up in the 1970s, you knew his images, whether it was on a Molly Hatchet album or a the cover of the newest fantasy novel or the latest film poster or in a Golden Age comics reprint.

Frazetta, who like Madonna or Cher, is known by a single name, and was and is an art legend. Today is a sad day for art.

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