Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Losers

The Losers ~ Yes, another comic book made into a film, but unlike most of them - shocker, I've never read this one, so I can't make all those nitpicky little comments about what didn't translate to the screen.

The Losers is a present day Vertigo comic loosely based on an old DC war comic from back in the day, some of the names even remain the same, although it should be mentioned, in the war comic, Pooch was a dog. The concept here is a group of special ops get framed and try to get even with the evil CIA boss who did the nasty to them. yeah, it does sound a bit "A-Team," but it's much better, and much much better than the trailer for the new big screen A-Team that ran before this movie.

The trailer is actually one of the major things wrong with The Losers. As with many films these days, they either give away the whole movie or show the best parts of the film. In this case, if you've seen the preview for The Losers, you have heard all the good lines.

I also think that not having read the comics I was able to be surprised by some of the more interesting plot twists an average comics fan would've have known going in. Zoe Saldana is stunning and quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses. Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays his second comic book character on the screen with pizazz, his first being Watchmen's Comedian. And Chris Evans does his second as well after the Human Torch and will soon be playing Captain America. Sounds like he's making a career of comics to film.

The Losers is a fun flick, over the top performance and violence. Don't take it too seriously, like a Roger Moore Bond flick, and you'll enjoy it.

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  1. Your review is spot on. I really dug it after seeing it Saturday. It was a big, fun, comic book action movie. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is awesome and so is the rest of the cast. The fight between Zoe and Morgan was awesome, may have well been a sex scene. Chris Evans and Idris Elba were equally as entertaining. I hope it makes back it's $25 million budget so we can see a sequel. I like that you mentioned the A-Team film because The Losers is probably way better.