Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday Comics

Print is dead, or so it’s been said. Still, it’s not happy times for newspapers and comic books which may be on their way out what with the dreaded internet and digital comics and such. Some folks give either media less than a decade’s lifespan. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some very innovative and rather incestuous things going on with them.

DC Comics has an ambitious project being readied for July 8th release called Wednesday Comics. The title is a play on the day comics are distributed, and regularly picked up by consumers, and will be weekly in an interesting folded newspaper format. Retro and unique in a way that may make collectors and their mylar bags insane, it also features continuity-free adventures of DC’s greatest characters by some of the best creators in the business. It’s an amazing showcase for what makes DC Comics great creatively.

What could make it better? The Superman feature in Wednesday Comics will be carried in USA Today that same day and then online weekly after that on their website, with heavy promotion in the following twelve weeks. Not only a celebration of what made these two media famous, but also a plunge into the digital age as well. Maybe it will perk up all three in the long run?

Wednesday Comics begins July 8th at a comic shop near you, and also in USA Today and online.


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