Friday, March 13, 2009


Sicko ~ It’s not his political views that make me dislike Michael Moore, it’s the fact that he’s just a bad filmmaker, and he’s an even worse documentarian.

In this one, he can’t even make his setup and manipulated scenes work, which he’s been capable of in the past. At the end of this film he makes a big deal of donating money to a man who needs it for his sick wife – a man who runs an I-hate-Michael-Moore website who has decided he must shut it down because he needs money. I don’t blame Moore for putting this in the movie, heck, I would too if it were me. It’s sweet revenge, as well as being a good human being. What bothers me is that if he has money like that, did he donate to the other folks depicted in Sicko who needed it as well? And if so, why not tell the viewer?

A topic deserving notice and merit, but a bad documentary, even by Moore standards.

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