Monday, November 16, 2015

Arrow S04 E06: Lost Souls

After the seriousness of past seasons, and especially this season so far, the old school scifi horror of Damien Darhk looking in at the shrunken Ray Palmer in a jar might seem childish, but let me assure you this would fit in quite nicely with the Silver Age Atom comics. As a matter of fact, this Doctor Cyclops vibe reminds me of the last couple episodes of "The Flash," because Doctor Light once trapped the Atom in a lightbulb.

Had things stayed in that vein of Silver Age goodness, I think this could have been a good episode. The only time it even came close was when Team Arrow (with two Black Canaries!) raided Kord Industries, but even that fizzled, without even a hint of Blue Beetle-ness. The episode never seems to want to commit.

Even with distractions like some weirdness and bad decisions on Flashback Island and the side plot of Felicity's mom in town - that last almost as bad as the sitcom-iness on "The Flash" last week. In the same vein, it looks like Felicity's mom and Laurel's dad are hooking up. As are Thea and the possible Dr. Davis. Let's not even get into the time wasted on Ollicity this week.

I wanted to like this episode a lot. I had high hopes when Green Arrow and Damien Darhk faced off momentarily, but again no real pay off. Ray is back, Sara is gone, and I was mostly bored. Bring back Constantine, bring back John Barrowman, do something, please.

Next: Pretty much more of the same, it looks like…

We really can't get here fast enough…

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