Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Promtrash Sweet 16!

Wednesday, April 18th, doors open at 10 PM, show time is 11 PM sharp!
…at Bob and Barbara's, 1509 South Street, Philadelphia PA. 215-545-4511
$1.99 to get in, must be age 21 and up!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the trashiest Prom Queen of all? That's right, folks, time again to pick America's Trashiest Prom Queen!

The Dumpsta Players celebrate their 16th Annual stag, drag, come-as-you-were/are/is "PROMTRASH SWEET 16" at Bob and Barbara's in Philadelphia!

Join rich, middle-age bitches, Alaya Richman and Holly Lefkowitz-Hawthorne, as they outspend each other celebrating their sixteen year-old daughters' birthdays, attempting to upstage "PromTrash!"

Aborto The Clown defends her 2011 Prom Trash Crown against last year's runner up, K & A's finest, Margaret Orthodox!

It's revenge of the dreadful prom, so join in the ffffun! We invite all to put on a prom dress, don a tux and compete with the gender bending drag kings, queens, straight up females and males, faghags, pretty princesses and assorted other freaks!

Come enjoy the sensational crowning in… "PROMTRASH 16"!!!!

You can also check out The Dumpsta Players on YouTube and Facebook, as well as on PhillyCAM television.

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