Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Safe House

Safe House ~ There is usually something phenomenal about a Denzel Washington movie. And I mean besides the always excellent acting. There's an unexpected twist, a shock ending, dazzling special effects, or top notch writing and/or direction. Safe House doesn't really deliver, on that level at least. Here I felt like I was watching a mediocre Denzel movie with an adequate Ryan Reynolds performance. Or is that a mediocre Ryan Reynolds movie with an adequate Denzel performance?

One thing is for sure, once this one gets rolling, this one never stops. The ride is full force power drive action thriller, and I repeat, it never stops until it slows at the very end. Denzel plays CIA traitor Tobin Frost who surrenders himself to a safe house in South Africa to protect himself from his enemies. Reynolds is his keeper, and when the safe house is attacked, not only are they on the run, but also trying to figure out who set them up. It's an uneasy buddy flick with buddies who can't trust each other - a nice twist.

Safe House has wonderful cinematography and no nonsense chase scenes, fistfights, and gunfights. If you plan on seeing it, do your bathroom duties first, and get ready to hold your breath, this is a jet propelled bulldozer on rollercoaster rails.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I guess I'll wait for this on DVD. Looking for a good movie to watch for date night with the hubs. And no, he won't watch a rom-com with me.

  2. Good review and I might go see it with the hubby,especially because it has lots of action