Thursday, February 09, 2012

Smallville Returns

For many of us who watched "Smallville," we never got what we wanted. Oh sure, the folks who watched it every week for the soap opera elements, the dreamy Tom Welling, and even the meteor freak of the week stories, they kept the show on the air. But we comic book readers who tuned for every minor comic book reference, dug on Justin Hartley's Green Arrow, and literally went to fanboy heaven for the Justice League and Justice Society episodes - we never really got what we wanted.

Now is our chance as DC Comics is coming out with a digital comic of "Smallville" that picks right up six months from the end of season ten - that's right, at the debut, finally, of Superman. That being the case, and seeing how it will be a comic book, I'm betting we will finally be getting all that superhero action we were all waiting for.

Oh, and a side note to the CW who is currently readying "Arrow" for next season - first, shame on you for not spinning Green Arrow, as played by Justin Hartley, out of the already proven and popular "Smallville." And second, if you don't want a show to seem comic booky or superhero-y, you should not plan it around a comic book superhero. In case you hadn't noticed, Green Arrow is a comic book superhero. Duh. Rant over.

Glad to have "Smallville" back, looking forward to it.

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