Saturday, February 04, 2012

Lost Hits of the New Wave #11

"Don't Say No to Me" by Lulu Temple

We've talked about Quincy before, and how I discovered college radio, it's all here. One of the most important things in college radio is support. Now I was involved with my college radio station, and it needed a lot of support.

I didn't go to the University of Pennsylvania with WXPN, Drexel with WKDU, Trenton State College with WTSR, or Princeton with WPRB. I went to Camden County College, yeah, thirteenth grade, and their radio station, FM mono WDBK, was, if anything, a weak second cousin to those big four of area college radio.

We needed a lot of support. So we featured a lot of local artists, among them, the former Quincy, who had formed very locally at Haddon Heights High School. Quincy had to change their name to Lulu Temple because of pressure from Quincy Jones, so their second release, Don't Say No, came out under that name. The album had a difference in sound as well with added horns. I dug the title song a lot and gave it much airplay.

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