Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The All Things Fun! New Comics Vidcast for 12-14-2011

The All Things Fun! New Comics Vidcast is shot live in a real comics and gaming store in West Berlin, NJ - All Things Fun! - co-hosts Ed (Switzerland) Evans, Allison (Never Seen Doctor Who) Eckel and Glenn (The Devil) Walker discuss the new comics out this week in two fun video segments, now in high definition, and also available on YouTube. See it here!

The first segment includes discussion of the following topics: The Ray #1 by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, Mister Terrific #4 by Eric Wallace, Batgirl #4 by Gail Simone, Demon Knights #4 by Paul Cornell, Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #3, The Shade #3 by James Robinson and Cully Hamner, Damian coming out, Hal and Sinestro buddy trip, Batman Yu-Gi-Oh, Glenn beaten by monkeys, and infected Batman.

The discussion continues in segment two including: Flintstones questions, Doctor Who toys, Allison has never seen Doctor Who, Uncanny X-Force #18, Magneto not Attuma, Carnage USA #1, the Avengers titles of the week, lil Loki, Joe Hill's Locke & Key Clockworks #3, The Walking Dead #92, Ed's indies, Allison's kids comics, Rodan in Godzilla Legends #2, DC Comics The New 52 hardcover collection. Ed's trades, and Hulked Out HeroClix.

Be sure to check out the crazy new All Things Fun! website, and the All Things Fun! Blogs, by Allison and Glenn, and ATF! on YouTube.

And be back here every Wednesday morning at 11:30 AM EST to watch the new broadcast, and thereafter throughout the week!

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