Friday, August 12, 2011

This Week's All Things Fun! New Comics Vidcast

The All Things Fun! New Comics Vidcast is shot live in a real comics and gaming store in West Berlin, NJ - All Things Fun! - co-hosts Ed (next register please) Evans, Allison (new spider-girl) Eckel and Glenn (squirrel boy) Walker discuss the new comics out this week in two fun video segments, now in high definition, and also available on YouTube. See it here!

The first segment includes discussion of the following topics: Welcome back Allison, Dan Slott's Spider-Island, the Fear Itself comics of the week, Teen Titans #99, Green Lantern status quo, The Batcave featuring Detective Comics #881, Red Robin and sorry, Batgirl.

The discussion continues in segment two including: The ATF! Midnight Release Party, the Flashpoint comics of the week, including Captain Cold coolness, wuss Dick Grayson, and wassup with Frankenstein, There's Something About Mera, ABC TV projects, Ed's leftovers, The Trial of the Flash, Ed's trades and toys, and Glenn does four comics in ten seconds.

In our special summer third segment with Thomas, the All Things Fun! Kids Vidcast features a kid's opinions on comics and toy-related genres. This segment includes his thoughts on: All New Batman The Brave and the Bold #10, the perils of henching, Ocean Master's wardrobe, SpongeBob Comics #4, don't draw in Allison's comics, Super Friends, Strawberry Shortcake #1, Mega Man #4, Pokemon Black and White manga, Spider-Man caps and Sonic schoolbags.

Be sure to check out the All Things Fun! website, and the All Things Fun! Blogs, by Allison and Glenn, and ATF! on YouTube.

And be back here every Wednesday morning at 11:30 AM EST to watch the new broadcast, and thereafter throughout the week!

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