Friday, September 10, 2010

True Blood: Fresh Blood

This episode's title is "Fresh Blood," and it really does feel like such, more like a 'new start,' actually. It feels like we are playing catch up with all the new subplots, and some are completely new as of this episode. It's almost like a new season. The highlight of the episode is Eric's confrontations with Russell, and to me, much of the rest of it pales in comparison. A vampire who declares war on both the vampire and human worlds should be an unignorable main plot, don't you think? And shouldn't you tie up old loose ends before you unravel new knots?

Some random thoughts about what else happened this time around: the 'In Memoriam' mini-feature that opened this episode was interesting. Arlene consults the 'Wiccan' waitress as to how to get rid of her baby to mixed results. Bill and Sookie play let's-pretend-we're-normal. Andy confesses to Tara what really happened to Eggs in a less than satisfying sequence. Lafayette has some V aftershocks after refusing to do more with Jesus. Sam throws a drunken tantrum, then has a moment or two with Tara. Jason picks a fight instead of dealing with his shifter girlfriend or looking for Sookie.

None of the above have anything to do with Russell or Eric, and it's sad. When they do get to it, it rocks. The climax, and Eric's plan, and the cliffhanger. Oh. My. God. Imagine if the whole episode had been like this. That would have really rocked. Please, next time, more main story, and less subplots, and set-up for subplots. Thanks!

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