Monday, June 14, 2010

True Blood: Pack of Wolves

First things first, I’m just damned thrilled to have one of my favorite series returning for its third season. But, and there’s always a but, I found the 'pre-game show' for this premiere episode was kinda misleading. It was more ads for other upcoming HBO shows than it was for "True Blood" itself. I did love the new intro to the actual show however, the usual ratings warnings now have a shifting blood background, nice.

At first glance the episode "Pack of Wolves" might seem like "True Blood" is cashing in on the Twilight phenomenon, but nope, it’s just coincidence, and besides, the rivalry between vampires and werewolves goes back a looong way, and not just to White Wolf games or even House of Frankenstein. And just as they have done with vampires, I have no doubt that there will be new rules and mythology for the werewolves as well. And we know from the "Postmortem" that the folks who make the show are using real wolves over make-up and CGI, so that’s interesting.

The werewolves don’t actually show up until the last cliffhanging moment of "Pack of Wolves," but the underlying theme of wolves flows throughout the entire episode. It’s that sort of wink-wink inside jokes that make the show so cool. I have to wonder if Jason’s aborted ménage a trois included two werewolves – they were veterinarian students after all who thought they could psychoanalyze dogs.

The episode picks up immediately where it left off. Bill is kidnapped, Jason shoots Eggs, and nobody remembers anything that happened when Maryann the Maenad was in control of Bon Temps. Sookie’s house notably still bears the décor of Maryann. Neither the viewer nor the characters literally have had a chance to breathe. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Somehow, this "24" vibe suits the series.

Apparently Bill’s kidnappers are working for Eric who’s also in trouble for his V-selling. They try to drain Bill, and this brings up an interesting supposition. The kidnappers were draining Bill for his blood. Were they also werewolves? What happens to werewolves on V? Sookie gets Jessica to help her find Bill, while Bill himself seems lost in Mississippi, the land of werewolves.

There are half a dozen subplots either continuing or manifesting at the same time. This is a soap opera after all. As with the first two seasons of "True Blood" they all revolve around sex and blood. There is an especially hot scene when Sookie goes to see Eric. Tushy alert for the women and men. Speaking of that stuff. Whoa for the homoerotic vibe between Sam and Bill. It seems that saving a life with vampire blood does that sort of thing. What Sookie has for Eric, Sam now seems to have for Bill. Dream or not, it was hot.

There are other things going on. Jason is haunted by killing Eggs. Jessica tried to make a vampire. The powers that be are bearing down on Eric. And Tara, Tara, upset by Eggs’ death is driven first against Sookie, then to her mother, and then to attempted suicide. "True Blood" is back, and it rolling full speed ahead with a loud howl.

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  1. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Actually the ones who grabbed Bill aren't working for Eric; Eric's on the phone after sookie's visit, and the guy on the phone said, "By time we got to the restaurant, he was already gone and there was a cop car there." I took it that the guys who grabbed Bill were the werewolves... which is why he felt it 'necessary' to warn them that he fed.

  2. You're right, Terry.

    I think I had forgotten that bit because I was overlaying my suspicions onto the facts maybe. The hands with the silver chain that grabbed Bill at first were gloved, so my mind went immediately to vampires being responsible.

    Now I have to wonder if werewolves are vulnerable to silver as well?

    And another thing - would you -really- be surprised if the werewolves were also working for Eric as well?

    Either way, man, as always thanks for keeping me clean.