Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Green Hornet 2011

There has been much worry and discussion about Seth Rogan's take on The Green Hornet. The trailer is above. It looks so much better than I or many thought it would be. The film opens January 2011.

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  1. I have to laugh at the controversy...

    I am older than dirt. I remember the HORROR at the concept of some British bald guy playing Captain Kirk in the early 80's, and the idea that some goofy comedian was going to play Batman had people boycotting the comics.

    I'll be seeing the second showing (I don't wait in lines, two hours after the first, walk right in!)

  2. Lol, we're both older than dirt then, man. I remember that stuff too.

    The Green Hornet is a fave of mine so I was a bit concerned, although not as concerned as most folks would think. If it's a comedy, make it good, it will put the characters back in the public eye.

    If it's bad, it could damage the potential franchise. If you remember the Doc Savage movie, you know why Hollywood will never touch that property again.

    However, and I'm not a Seth Rogan fan, I found this trailer refreshing and promising. I'm looking forward to it. Sure, it's not the Hornet flick I want, but I think it'll be pretty good.