Monday, July 23, 2012

Dark Knight Rises Prelude

Everyone knows basically what happened Thursday night in Aurora, Colorado. The tragedy that is being called by the news media, the 'movie massacre,' is now inextricably tied to the film The Dark Knight Rises.

I was up late Thursday night when I heard about it on the top of the hour news during Coast to Coast AM, and immediately clicked on the television news. Like 9/11 or Columbine (not all that far from Aurora) I was one of millions glued to my TV watching and waiting. I finally dozed off to images of the tragedy.

Later that afternoon, I kept plans to see The Dark Knight Rises despite everything. Things were a little different at the theatre. Bags were checked, we weren't allowed in to the theatre until just before the show, and nobody was in costume. I think this may actually be the end of that. No more costumes, and maybe even no more midnight release showings.

Another difference was that there was no chatter before the movie. No one was talking. It was very disconcerting. Usually on opening day, everyone is excited, not this day. I suppose everyone was thinking about the shootings.

One specific preview, for Sean Penn's new film Gangster Squad made children jump, women gasp, and grown men scream. It depicted men with guns shooting through a movie screen and then into the audience. I hope Warner Bros. has the sense to pull this preview for the time being. The audience was shocked and horrified.

I am left numb. I enjoyed TDKR but am unable to write about it yet. Maybe tomorrow or the next day. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this tragedy and their families and friends.


  1. I know this was painful for you to write, but you did a good job of putting into words what everyone is feeling. I hope the actions of one disturbed individual doesn't ruin in for the rest of us who enjoy the midnight showings of a new movie. I want to take my grandsons to see this, but my daughter wants to wait one more week.

  2. Marie, if you want to see it, please see it. Don't let this monster take our entertainment from us with his madness.

  3. Wanna see it or download it just

  4. Kevin J.1:53 PM

    I really appreciated this post. I am excited about the film and also saddened by the news of the shooting. How surreal. Thank you for your words.

    Also, just in case anyone is interested, I stumbled upon some nice behind the scenes footage from the film which you may appreciate at

    Good work, keep it up.

  5. Seriously???

    Seriously, Crazybd, is that what you are doing? Preying on a national tragedy, over the bodies of the victims, to promote your illegal movie bootlegging???

    Please don't come to my blog any more.

  6. I plan to take the desparados when I come back from the writer's retreat. Have a great week.