Thursday, October 08, 2009

How I Got Into College

How I Got Into College ~ Back in the long ago 1980s I was a big fan of Savage Steve Holland, in fact, Better Off Dead is still one of my favorite comedies. I was surprised when I first heard of this film recently as I thought I had seen all of his movie work.

While it lacks Savage Steve’s trademark animation it still has his flavor and comedy. It principally revolves around a high school senior so in love with a girl he hasn’t talked to yet that he tries to get into the same college as her. Ultimately for me this primary plot fails as I wasn’t as enamored with the female lead as he was. Moreso, I thought her not just unattractive but uninteresting as well.

Luckily the secondary plots and characters carry the film terrifically. Anthony Edwards especially, as well as folks like Nora Dunn, Brian Doyle Murray and the late Charlie Rocket and Phil Hartman carry the rest of the flick well. My favorite part was the realization of several SAT word problems featuring person A and B. Not great, but fun, and would make a good precursor to watch before taking the SAT or applying to colleges.

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  1. yeah this one is OK, serviceable. I have it on DVD because anything Savage Steve is good in my book! Better off Dead is a classic!!!