Friday, October 09, 2009

Cartoon Bunny

Next week, Playboy will be featuring something quite different on its cover - a fictional character, even better than that, a fictional animated character - Marge Simpson. This will be the first time in the magazine's history an animated character has been on the cover.

Obviously this is a stunt to promote the 20th anniversary of "The Simpsons" on Fox, but one has to wonder if a better choice might have been made - maybe the mom from "Family Guy" or Wilma Flinstone or Judy Jetson if we're talking mainstream animation. Going off the beaten path a bit, what about Lara Croft? How about the robot chick from Ghost in the Shell? AEon Flux?

The November 2009 issue of Playboy hits newstands on October 16th and also features Tracy Morgan, Benicio Del Toro and new fiction by Stephen King.

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