Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chuck Found

Sorry for the scare, folks. For those who read my last entry and were as upset as I was regarding the status of NBC's "Chuck," no worries.

"Chuck" will be back. We'll just have to wait until January for it. NBC will be using the Winter Olympics to relaunch the series for a thirteen episode run. I would have rather had twenty-two, but I'm just happy we have "Chuck" back.

Check out the extremely cool Alan Sepinwall's interview with "Chuck" co-creator Chuck Fedak here.



  1. Heironymous11:52 AM

    I read somewhere that the 13 EP order was a compromise as NBC was trying to cut costs. I also read that we can expect MORE product placements in the show and that SUBWAY will be an "official" sponser of the show.

    I can only image what will happen to Reaper on the CW which is eliminating Sundays.

  2. Subway will indeed be 'subsidizing' Chuck, which if it keeps it on the air, can only be a good thing.

    Unfortunately, not only are Sundays out for a syndicated Reaper, but it appears that the CW has canceled the series. :-(

    It would be a shame for such a good show to end, but rumors suggest they may be moving to a new network next season. Keep your fingers crossed!