Friday, April 24, 2009

Wolverine: Ghosts

Yeah, I'm a comics guy, but for the most part, things like Wolverine and Punisher are off my radar. It's just not my taste. I solidly believe that heroes don't kill, won't kill, and shouldn't have to kill. It's the main reason for the better part of two decades I haven't read Wolverine.

Jonathan Maberry having a short story in Wolverine: The Anniversary changed my buying habits. I have a lot of respect for Maberry's skills both as a writer and as a writing teacher, so I had to see what he was up to with everyone's favorite X-Man. His story, "Ghosts," illustrated by Tomm Coker (who might be better known as the writer/director of 2007's Catacombs), is a mere eight pages long. But page count doesn't matter. In an economy of words, Maberry takes Wolverine down to basics and tells a tale of love and vengeance, and one of the core of the character. It is truly a marvel of words and images, dancing together in battle choreography both of the body and the mind. This is a deeper Wolverine than I've seen in a while.

Word on the street is Jonathan Maberry will also be trying his hand at the Punisher, another Marvel Comics character I've never really cared for. I'm placing my order now.



  1. Thanks for those kind words about my writing, Glenn. Wolverine GHOSTS is my first comic to hit stores, and when asked to write a short piece for the book I saw an opportunity to style it somewhat like the Samurai Death poems that I've read over the last forty-five years as a martial arts student and teacher. The concept of beauty in the midst of combat has a certain majesty.

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  3. Remarkable coincidence maybe, but just for the record, Anonymous (great blog btw), I'm also fairly local to Jonathan Maberry, and I can tell you without a doubt that the man has many many fans, both local and otherwise. Trust me, Doylestown has -lots- of Maberry fans.