Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dark Corridor #3

From Main Enterprises:

What has been described as our best issue yet of our horror/fantasy/suspense fiction and illustration magazine is now availble. Cover art by Scott McClung, The Iguana and John Lambert. Interior art by Dan Taylor, Terry Pavlet, Jack Bertram. Fiction by Sam Gafford, (A Gathering Deamonica) Mark Orr (The Doll) and Michael Vance (In The Out Door). Plus our review section, Den Of The Dark (with reviews by Dennis Kininger and some guy named Glenn Walker as well as out letters page section. A 32 page full sized magazine with full color front and back covers.

To get your copy, check it out here.


  1. Heironymous12:41 PM

    Dude, payment by check only. What? Is this company living in the Dark Ages? (no pun intended)

    Also, you might want to check that link. It brought me to your blog...or was that the mis-directional purpose of it?

  2. Link fixed, check again. :-)

  3. Heironymous4:39 PM

    Much better. All praise to the company!

    I'd like to check some of these out but I don't fancy sending cash (or checks in the mail). Do you know if there is any local (Maryland) distributorship or is this strictly a web-only store?