Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Poor Britney

Now supposedly this blog is about pop culture so any pop culture critic worth his or her salt this week is talking about Britney Spears. Britney Spears and her tragic, drunken, bored, sleepwalkin' call-it-in-from-home performance at the VMAs, see it here.

Now of course I just think the performance speaks for itself, but I found something even better. A passionate fan defending the fallen pop star:


Thanks to Sara for hipping me to the links.


  1. I don't think the over the top defense is funny though enough seem to so it had to run over and over again on the cable news deals.

    I think what has happened to Spears is sad. I didn't think what happened at the VMA's was funny at all. She needs serious help. Somebody in her life needs to get her straightened out before she destroys what is left of her career and her children's lives.

  2. Let's talk seriously about -'not what happened to Britney'- but what Britney did. By her own admission, she threw a tantrum.

    Her opening act had contained Criss Angel-like magic tricks involving her disappearing and reappearing throughout the number. MTV refused to do it based on monetary reasons and wouldn't let her out of her contract. So Brit did the mature thing and gave a half-assed performance. Whether she was drunk, drugged or just sleepy was besides the point. She sucked big time.

    And of course none of that makes Chris Crocker's YouTube performance any less amusing in my mind. I hope his fifteen minutes is a lot more fun for all of us than Britney's. That boy is going places.

    And speaking of tantrums, did any catch Kanye West's during that same awards show? He was the second choice for VMA opening act, and when he didn't win any of the five awards he was nommed for, called MTV racist.