Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heroes? Not So Much...

People who know I'm into comic books but aren't into comics themselves will inevitably bring up the TV show "Heroes" to me. They all think I'll like it, and I do.

Last season "Heroes" was the darling of the the new TV series hitting the air. The premiere jumped out and grabbed and held us tight in its grip for the entire season. This season? Not so much.

The beauty of "Heroes" has been how accessible it's made the superhero concept to the mainstream. There's no spandex, there is no mention of the word 'superhero' but it has all the things that make the comic book genre what they are today. Like I said, the key word is accessible. I would guess that if an average "Heroes" viewer not into comics could get over the idea of codenames and spandex, they would be addicted to comics.

The show is good, despite stealing many ideas from the best (and worst) comics of recent years, it has remained one of the best series of the past year. Monday's season premiere was only just all right in my opinion. No big surprises, no big shocks, no real cliffhangers. It was just a continuation of what went before. Even "ER" starts with a bang after a decade on television. Why couldn't Tim Kring and the folks behind "Heroes" give us just a bit of fireworks?

Oh well, maybe next week...

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