Monday, June 25, 2007

Live Chat with Writer Dwayne McDuffie

Avengers Forever Live Chat

Dwayne McDuffie, Writer for the Avengers Classic and BEYOND! titles

Avengers Forever Chat Room

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

US Eastern Standard Time: 2:00 PM
US Central Standard Time: 1:00 PM
US Mountain Standard Time: 12:00 AM
US Pacific Standard Time: 11:00 AM

The chat session will be in an organized format where in the first 30 minutes or so Dwayne will be interviewed/asked questions by the chat room host which will then be followed by questions from the chat room so that you folks can ask him questions directly, one on one.

If you plan on attending the chat or even don't plan on attending but will be reading the transcript afterwards and would like to ask Dwayne a question please feel free to to send them on in to Avengers Forever!

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