Thursday, February 15, 2007


Dreamgirls - I'm not fond of Broadway shows. While not my type of entertainment, having married a stage rat I have been exposed to my share of Broadway and musicals of that sort. Sometimes the stuff is pretty good, and sometimes it's worse than an Adam Sandler marathon, a casino production of "Cats" and "Starlight Express" on ice being major lowlights. When these shows become films, bad things happen, A Chorus Line being a major example. I might have liked the flick had I not seen the show. Luckily "Dreamgirls" is something I have not experienced on stage, which is probably why I enjoyed the movie version so much.

Dreamgirls is a strange parallel universe version of Diana Ross and the Supremes and the Motown story. Once you get through the game of who is supposed to be who, it's easy to settle back and enjoy the ride. Be warned, it's a long ride, but you don't notice it.

Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy steal every scene in which they appear. I would say their Oscars are assured. Jamie Foxx is as always a trimuph, but while Beyonce has one of the lead roles and sings and dances up a storm, her acting is at the opposite end of Foxx's. Not to worry as she doesn't do all that much acting, that's left up to the professionals.

A wonderful flick, must see.

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