Sunday, February 25, 2007


The Departed - Martin Scorcese is one of the giants, quite possibly our greatest living director. Despite that, and the Oscar noms for this flick, this isn't one of his best. That said, a lousy film by Scorsese is still better than 90% of everything else out there. While not a good flick, it still contains amazing performances. Mark Wahlberg gives the performance of his life. Jack Nicholson is at the top of the game except when he falls into Joker or Jack Torrance mode for a few frightening seconds. Other than that, he's flawless. Leo and Matt are adequate but seem to have spent more time on their Boston accents than their acting chops here. Vera Farmiga is the breakout here, watch for her. All in all, a good flick, just not a great one from Scorsese. Loved the rat theme though.

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