Saturday, August 16, 2003


A Video Review of "Goldfinger"

Copyright 2003 Glenn Walker

You always remember the first James Bond flick you see. Even if it's something dreadful like Moonraker you always remember your first as the best. Lucky for me the first one I ever saw was Goldfinger.

Upon my latest viewing it does appear a bit dated and maybe a tad more sexist for my 21st century sensibilities but it is still the best of the Sean Connery Bond flicks and much better than most of those who followed. Despite the fashion and chauvinistic diversions it has everything that makes Bond Bond; beautiful women, fast cars, the Moneypenny flirtation, the evil villain, witty remarks, clever plotting, Q's cool gadgets and the best action the cinema can offer. All this and Pussy Galore too.

Auric Goldfinger and his henchman Oddjob are among the most ruthless non-spy villains Bond has faced and his plot to rob Fort Knox is ingenius. More than this the interplay between hero and villain here is priceless, more of what makes Bond Bond. How often do you see the good guy play golf with the bad guy and it's exciting and suspenseful?

Not that I have been particularly displeased with Pierce Brosnan, quite the opposite actually, but I think a look back at the old Connery days would do the latest producers a world of good.

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