Sunday, August 24, 2003


A Video Review of "Big Daddy"

Copyright 2003 Glenn Walker

Over time I have developed a reputation for hating Adam Sandler. This is not necessarily so. Having perused the Adam Sandler video library (Oh my God, there is an Adam Sandler video library) I have discovered one or two films that don't make me retch.

Big Daddy is one of these - it's not that bad. First of all it features Adam Sandler's real voice instead of one of his 'funny' ones. This has a lot to do with it. I mean, I'm sure crap like The Waterboy (with one of his 'funny' voices) is playing on a loop in Hell.

The presence of Joey Adams helps here as does the chemistry between Sandler and five year old Cole (and Dylan) Sprouse although I've always suspected he related better to five year olds. Even though there are scenes played completely for your average Sandler toilet humor there is a genuine bond between the two and it makes you actually start to root for the hapless Sandler.

It's standable if your legs are broken and the TV remote is lost - but only if it's not followed by The Waterboy.

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