Thursday, January 07, 2010

Loews Cherry Hill Does Not Want My Business

You’ve all heard my rap on Loews Theatres in Cherry Hill NJ before, but after my experience Christmas night I have come to the conclusion that not only don’t they want my money – they don’t want your money either, and furthermore, they just don’t care.

For the scary high prices they now charge for a movie ticket, well over ten dollars, they expect you to watch a film sometimes with the lights on, usually with audience members talking loudly, either to each other or on their cellphones, and texting throughout. And if you say anything to these other audience members they will sometimes go as far as to threaten you. That’s just part of the experience at the Cherry Hill Loews it seems, part of what you’re paying for I guess.

Now when I brought this to the attention of the manager on duty, Kathryn by name (and only first name as employees are not allowed to give their full names, nor are they allowed to give the names of superiors), the theatres are supposed to be checked by an employee once per show. I never saw anyone come in, and if they had, they would have seen all the lit cellphones and also noticed that the audience noise was drowning out the sound of the film.

Now an argument might be made that they were busy that night and might not have had time to check the theatres. Why then did more than a few employees I saw (before the film when it was even busier) have time to chat with friends, throw cups back and forth behind the snack counter, and chase each other into the rest room? Yeah, they were busy all right.

Now Kathryn No-Name was nice enough give us passes to see another film at the wonderful Loews Theatres where we would be treated to probably a similar experience. I would have rather gotten my money back. After all, if I had gotten rat poison instead of Frosted Flakes, do you think the folks at Kelloggs would have given me my money back or another box of rat poison?

Is this what the movie theatre experience is about these days? At least at Loews Cherry Hill it is. There is an alternative. I would like to direct anyone seeking a movie night out to the Showcase at the Ritz in Voorhees. It’s not far from Loews and has just about the same variety of films and even some from off the beaten path. Not only is the viewing experience a pleasure, but the staff is friendly and cooperative. They also have various special events and goodies all the time. They have my full endorsement, and would love your business. And no, I don’t know anyone there, nor do I work for them, they just know about customer service unlike some theatres.

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  1. It's gotten worse there over the years. I don't understand how people can text or talk on the phone at a movie theater. I mean, I could stay home with Netflix and do that.

    My dad used to work as an usher in movie theaters in the city back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, where behavior like you mentioned would never, ever, have been tolerated.

    But I agree: the Ritz is a far superior theater. Just don't tell everyone; I'd hate it to turn into another Riverview or Lowe's CH.

  2. Speaking as a cranky old man: you sound like a cranky old man. ;-)

  3. Oh, I'm sorry, sir, was I on your lawn?

    Seriously, how am I cranky for wanting to actually see and hear a movie when I've paid upwards of forty dollars to do so?

    If Loews cannot provide the service they promise, I am advising folks to go somewhere that can.

  4. precisely why I try my very best to refrain from going to the movies. Netflix rules. I'm a hermit anyway. Honestly though, I worked at a Loews theater for almost 6 years and it's difficult to regulate those types of things. I was one of the only employees who made attempt to bring security with me and kick people out if I got a complaint about someone. So many people who go to movies have to common decency. People are trying to watch the movie they payed for. The bottom line is that the theaters only make money if you buy concessions.

  5. Theaters in general should take a stand on this sort of stupid behavior. You know it's bad when it begins to bleed into live theater as well as the movies. At least with a movie you don't insult the people actually telling the story.

    On the rare occasions that I'm inclined to hit the theater, I prefer Riverview, simply because of the story below. I don't have to worry about getting shot there because I'm not a douchebag who thinks it's cool to start crap during a movie...

  6. It should be noted, that as nice as the Riverview has been on the occasions I've been there - that was not the first shooting incident there, nor was it the last.

  7. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Dude, you need to get a grip and pay attention to circumstances. If you go back around the same time as you did the first time, at a time when the theatre is just as busy, and the movie that you're watching is just as popular as the other was, not much is going to change. I have been to many movies here and never experience the problems that stuck up fags like yourself complain about. If you're going to see a movie on the opening night in a theatre full of teens and people from Camden, you're bound to have a less than ideal experience. My tip: #PLANBETTER. And by the way, that manager's last name is Killian

  8. So, you prove yourself to be a racist, a hate criminal and not brave enough to use your real name, Anonymous - and you expect me to take your advice?

    I'll let your comment speak for itself, as it does so well.

    And just for the record, if you are the type of person who goes to Loews frequently... well, that's just another reason not to go there.

  9. I actually remember going there to see a movie with you a few years back and there was some sort of problem with the sound. We ended up complaining and getting free passes.

    Although I think we were there to see "I Robot", so in retrospect they would have been doing us a huge favor by playing the entire movie without audio.

  10. It seems there is always a problem at Loews, which is why I don't go there, and advise friends and family not to go as well.

    And regarding your comment, Brian, kidding aside, even a bad movie is no excuse for bad customer service.

  11. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Seven years later....

    Honestly don't know how Loews survives. I live less than a mile from them. Dreadful experience. Everything. Staff, concessions, and seems to attract the ever more popular nut cases who do not know how to conduct themselves in public. And what they call "IMAX" is a sham. I've been on boats with larger screens. How is that IMAX??

    One nice thing... the building does LOOK nice, from the outside. As I'm driving past. On my way elsewhere.

    I've long thought it might be good to have a movie "club", with membership required. Membership that can be REVOKED. Keep the riff-raff out. Reward those deserving of it.