Saturday, August 23, 2003


A Video Review of "Freddy Got Fingered"

Copyright 2002 Glenn Walker

Tom Green. Hmmmmm. Adam Sandler is actually watchable in comparison. I liked Road Trip and I loved Charlie's Angels. I could stand Tom Green in those flicks. This made me want to puke.

Drew Barrymore (I love you Drew but how did you stand being married to this mutant??) had to be in it because she was married to this freak at the time. Anthony Michael Hall, Harland Williams and Julie Haggarty have never really been known for their film choices. But what the hell is Rip Torn doing here??? I can only guess he has some sick twisted dark secret that Tom Green has photographic proof of.

Marisa Coughlan may be going places, she shines as the girlfriend but her career (if she has one) will always be scarred by this role. She has the funniest line, but unfortunately the most self-debilitating and tasteless.

Think. Imagine the most tasteless things that can be filmed in an R-rated movie. It's here. And it will make you sick or angry. If you see this on sale at you local video store, buy it immediately, it will make an excellent tape to record "Friends" and "The West Wing" on when you're not home. Rating: *

***** Must see
**** Worth seeing
*** So you have eight dollars you want to throw away…
** Is Adam Sandler in this mess?
* A bullet would be quicker.

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