Friday, August 19, 2016

The Escape Room Challenge

While not necessarily a new thing, the escape room challenge concept has been sweeping the country of late. The Bride and I recently saw one place featured on one of the myriad reality TV shows she favors, and we were both intrigued. So when we noticed that an escape room, The Escape Room Challenge, had opened in our home town, Marlton NJ, we had to check it out.

The basic concept is that you and a group of friends or strangers are trapped in a room, and using clues at your disposal, or given by the room masters if asked, you solve puzzles and/or mysteries to earn your escape from the room in an allotted amount of time. Otherwise, you are stuck in the room for that amount of time.

Of course I'm not going to tell you what we had to do at the Marlton site, because that would spoil the fun for you folks should you go and attend this great night out (or is it a night in?), but I will say that this room had a Cold War theme, and it was a distinct advantage that The Bride and I were older than our younger co-habitants. It was great fun, and highly recommended.

More rooms with different themes will be coming to the Marlton location, and if you wanted to do the same room again, they keep track, and the puzzles will be different. The same clues will never work the same way twice. Anyone in the area, or if you have one nearby, should definitely check out the Escape Room Challenge.


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    Thank you Glenn!

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