Monday, April 04, 2016

Arrow S04 E16: Broken Hearts

This couldn't have been happened better if it had been planned. Felicity comes to her senses last episode and kicks Oliver to the curb, so who shows up? Yeah, Cupid is back. And it's not even Valentine's Day.

Six minutes in I can see where we're headed. We have a featured villain with no link to current storylines, so essentially it's the Cupid filler episode with expansion for only the ongoing subplot. Oh, don't get me wrong, we'll be entertained by the mad archer's antics, but the juice this time is in the background. The mystery is deepening on Flashback Island, Damien Darhk is dodging his conviction, and Felicity - though broken up with Oliver - still wants to be an active part of Team Arrow. Hurm, I know guys who have quit their jobs to avoid exes.

Another old chestnut that works in the comics but not in real life is also mined this episode. I'm talking about superheroes testifying in court. Can you really trust someone in a mask, especially when they won't even tell you their real name. Damien Darhk says that's not his name and that he's a national from Markovia. Unfortunately the only people who can dispute that story have lots of secrets of their own to hide.

On Flashback Island, Reiter has found an ancient idol underground. Oliver and his Russian girlfriend steal the idol, and rush deeper into the caves. Unfortunately the only way out is back the way they came, through Reiter and his armed men. Push Oliver a little and you get results. Still in the caves, but now the good guys have guns too. But what is that idol?

If you didn't see this plot complication when it became obvious that Cupid was targeting celebrity newlywed couples, I don't know what to tell you. But yeah, Oliver and Felicity are going to get married to lure Cupid out. I bet Felicity regrets wanting to be part of the team now. A faux wedding is set up, with Felicity cautious and annoyed, but when Oliver reads his real vows, her heart melts, and she also ends up almost talking Cupid to death on the positivity of love. Awww...

Unfortunately, no matter what was said, the relationship is over and Ollicity is still broken. Quentin's testimony manages to keep Darhk in prison until trial, but he loses his badge and gun. And it looks like Darhk still has some power left... not good...

Next: The Bug-Eyed Bandit returns!

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