Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Rest of the Eurovision 2014 Semi-Finalists

Here are the rest of the Semi-Finalists for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. There has been a lot of Susan Boyle-ish hype about Belgium's entry, although it does nothing for me. Poland definitely has the spirit of Eurovision with their risqué video. Latvia gets it too, even though apparently Montenegro doesn't. I'm kinda fond of Ireland, as with most years, it's one of my favorites, but this is a year of very fierce competition. Time will tell…

Azerbaijan - "Start A Fire" by Dilara Kazimova

The Netherlands - "Calm After the Storm" by The Common Linnets

Belgium - "Mother" by Axel Hirsoux

Poland - "We Are Slavic" by Donatan & Cleo

Latvia - "Cake to Bake" by Aarzemnieki

Montenegro - "Moj Svijet" by Sergej Cetkovic

Hungary - "Running" by Kallay-Saunders

Ireland - "Heartbeat" by Can-Linn featuring Kasey Smith


  1. Wow! Some moving music here, Glenn. Hungary's song broke my heart, though. I couldn't watch.

  2. It is indeed a very powerful video. Unfortunately the contest is judged on their live performances during the semi-finals and finals. We'll see how Hungary does soon.