Thursday, January 09, 2014


Blackfish ~ What seems to be an examination of the killer whale named Tilikum that unofficially was involved in the deaths of at least three individuals is actually an accusation against the captivity of such animals.

The documentary, which purports the orcas have culture and society and language, live longer and behave differently in their natural habitat, is an indictment of SeaWorld, and their practices and claims. Interviewed are many former SeaWorld trainers, and footage of orca hostility is featured. Notably SeaWorld refused to cooperate with the filming and has called it inaccurate, misleading, and exploitive.

Blackfish may be true, or it may be one-sided, but no matter how you take this controversial film, it will make you think, and definitely think twice about how killer whales are treated in captivity. Compelling and recommended.

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