Friday, September 09, 2011

The Fire and Water Podcast

I'm a big fan of my friend Rob Kelly's Aquaman Shrine (as well as both Rob and Aquaman separately too), and recently he, along with the Irredeemable Shag of the Firestorm Fan site got together to do a podcast about their mutual loves of the characters Aquaman and Firestorm - The Fire and Water Podcast.

The first episode is an entertaining voyage into the hows and whys of doing blogs devoted to Aquaman and Firestorm, the new DC 52 and what it has in store for their favorite characters and just some really fun chemistry that doesn't often happen in many podcasts. Rob and Shag are a good team and provide a really good listen. And it's not just Aquaman and Firestorm talk here, there's a bit of comics history as well and even some love for the classic Mark Evanier/Dan Spiegle Blackhawk, always a plus for me. Recommended, check it out here or on iTunes.

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