Friday, February 13, 2009

Jeers for TV Guide

I realize times have been rough for TV Guide of late. The whole loss of its handy pocket-size format to another boring glossy mag, and of course the fact that most cable systems now have the grid that has all the info we used to get from TVG, has made things pretty bad for those guys. But is that any reason for bad journalism and shoddy research?

This article in the most recent issue of TV Guide is just an embarrassment. Not only is this old news, it's inaccurate news. I just don't know where to start, with the facts, with the execution, or with the spelling and grammar errors. You guys are kidding, right? This is an early April fools thing, right?

"Holy Lesbian, Batman!"??? Let's just overlook the misuse of a forty-plus year old catchphrase for the moment, but that's not all there is to know about the new Batwoman. She's also Jewish, and rich, and a redhead, and dresses like a bat and fights crime. Those are all components of her personality that are as important if not more than her sexual preference. What about exploiting those?

And by the way, TV Guide, in case you didn't get the four week old press releases and media saturation - Batman's not dead. Check your facts!

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  1. this is another one for the column called "Print is Dead"...all I can say is "OMG"...they should hang their head in shame!