Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Newest, and Youngest, Doctor

The BBC announced this week that the newest incarnation of the Doctor will be 26 year old actor Matt Smith.

The eleventh Doctor Who is 'flabbergasted' with the role which he takes over from current Doctor David Tennant at the end of 2009.

Smith is best known for his role as Danny Foster in the BBC series "Party Animals." He also has a tenuous connection to Who in that he was in an episode of Billie (Rose) Piper's series, "Secret Diary of a Call Girl."


  1. Michelle8:35 PM

    Interesting... not sure I'm ready for a new Doctor... but it's better than nothing...

  2. Yeah. He's not thrilling me in this interview, but he is at a disadvantage regardless. I'm still a little bitter that Tennant is going away, so anyone that comes in now is going to need to prove to me that they deserve it.

    I am wondering if the decision to make the Doctor all young & pretty now is a good thing. Not enough to want them to change it, of course... *^_^*