Thursday, August 09, 2007

"The New Master of Evil"

"The New Master of Evil" - my comic book review of New Avengers #33, written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Leinil Yu, is now online at Avengers Forever.


"Months and months ago, maybe perhaps years at this point, writer Brian Michael Bendis promised us Avengers fans a new Masters of Evil. Most of us thought it would be composed of villains who escaped from the Raft, or be formed by whoever that was that was collecting the weapons of super-villains (another hanging plot thread not yet tied up), and some of us just plain forgot about it.

"My first impression upon seeing the cover of New Avengers #33 was that this was it, our new Masters of Evil. It portrays a group of villains mugging for the ‘camera,’ including The Hood, The Owl, Madame Masque, a newly-outfitted Wizard and Dr. Jonas Harrow. There is more or less to this group however as we find later in the issue.

"What is it with Marvel Comics channeling R. Lee Ermey from Full Metal Jacket? First it was that annoying Gauntlet from New Avengers: The Initiative, and now Bendis does it with Captain America in this opening flashback in New Avengers #33. We see the Avengers, circa 1966, basically Cap’s Kooky Quartet plus the returning Goliath and the Wasp – And Captain America is dressing them down Ermey-style. He particularly picks on Hawkeye, breaking his bow and kicking and shoving him to the ground."

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