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Eurovision Final 2007

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Eurovision Final 2007

The main event is finally here. Many acts aren’t deviating at all from their semi-final performances. I guess if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Spain is stronger live than from their video, and I loved the girl drummers. Finland rocked the house, definitely one of the more powerful performances. The short skirt helped Macedonia a lot in my opinion.

I noticed that Slovenia was not hitting the high notes, possibly afraid to blow out the sound system? And what is that thing on her hand? What is this, Logan’s Run? Georgia just keeps getting better every time I hear it. Sweden had great sets and colors, didn’t help make the song better though.

With Lithuania, I have to take the Paula Abdul tact and say, “Nice shirt,” ‘cause it really was, but of course that’s the only nice thing I could say. The silhouettes were a nice touch though. Greece may have had a wardrobe malfunction of some kind, unless they meant to have the back-up singers on leashes – if so, I liked it, but still, wtf?

France tried to make up with color and absurdity what they lacked in talent. Unfortunately the absurdity market was cornered by the Ukraine, who were still scary, this time in silver. Bulgaria was amazing as ever.

Russia, one of my favorites along with Georgia, brought the sex on, with lapless lap dances and schoolgirl uniforms. Armenia used a toilet paper tree as a prop. UK also used props, but they didn’t help. Next year, just get Morrissey, okay?

Santa visited a while to give the signal for the voting to begin. Curious. Does Santa live in Finland? After the voting wound up, Apocalyptica performed. This is a band well known for playing the music of Metallica on four cellos. Quite good, really, but they were accompanied by a weird Cirque de Soleil from hell which was quite distracting.

Then came the country by country point system results. As per usual, neighboring countries voted for their ‘friends.’ For instance, the only points UK and Ireland got were from each other. Serbia pulled ahead of the pack early on, with Ukraine and Russia trailing behind, for an easy victory.

Congratulations, Serbia and Marija Serifovic. And again, I hope Duran Duran doesn’t sue. I think Serbia needs to get started on plans for hosting Eurovision next year right away… do they even have a stadium?

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