Monday, June 26, 2006

Quickie Reviews 6-26-2006

"Hollow Man 2"

A movie that didn't need a sequel, like the remake of "The Fly," the first one said it all. How bad must a movie be that it makes Christian Slater unappealing? This is a disaster that should be avoided at all costs.


With nice voice work by Paul Newman and unbelievably Owen Wilson, this one is enjoyable but only adequately. Computer animation has come far enough that it should be the only reason to see such a movie. Yes, we're amazed by the technology - now do something really amazing - tell us a good story.

"Winter Passing"

If you asked me a week ago what I thought of Will Farrell I would have said he was a unfunny piece of crap who ruined "Saturday Night Live" and all the movies he's been in. This flick proves me wrong, he can actually act, and quite well. I applaud his performance here. Ed Harris is as always amazing. Beware the kitten scene.

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