Saturday, June 10, 2006

Even More Quickies

"Tension" (1949)

Great little forgotten B-mystery featuring a young Barry Sullivan and even younger William Conrad (as a detective named Gonzales!). Man creates an alter ego to kill his wife's lover, until the plot thickens and someone else beats him to the punch. Possibly Audrey Totter's best performance.

"Ice Age 2: The Meltdown"

Should have been called 'the letdown.' All of the charm and humor that made the original such a hit is gone. So many great talents simply wasted their time here, a shameful flick.

"X-Men: The Last Stand"

Poor put-upon director Brett Ratner threw all the comics out the window and made a sequel to the two previous films. People live and people die, but it's never who you expect, effectively tossing out forty-plus years of comics continuity. Dark Phoenix is dismissed with a few throwaway lines of dialogue and Joss Whedon's concept on which the film is based is thoroughly raped.

"White Chicks"

You ever pass one of those car accidents where there's a million cops and paramedics and various body parts strewn across the road? You just can't look away, you just can't. That's what this movie is like. I got chills.

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